Established in 1982 and licensed in 13 states, Way Architects, P.C. provides the highest quality in all aspects of architectural, interior design and planning services. We provide excellent customer service by personalizing each project to meet our clients’ needs. Our team philosophy ensures personal attention by involving the client in each phase of the design process. Such attention to detail produces efficient solutions that anticipate future functional requirements while creating aesthetic, people-centered spaces.

What Can We Do For You ?
Way Architects, P.C. has the knowledge, experience, and imagination to take your ideas from conception to reality in an organized, professional manner. The results are quality projects built on-time and within your budget. As your architect, we are able to translate your thoughts into the visual medium and quickly submit exciting conceptual designs to you for review, comment, and approval. We provide accurate contract documents including construction drawings, which are computer-drafted to ensure quality, and written specifications tailored to meet your needs. We can then assist you in choosing a general contractor and represent your interests throughout the construction process to ensure that the final product conforms to the contract documents.


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